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Best Garden Wooden Gazebo UK 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a new garden wooden gazebo? Are you tired of using pop up gazeboes that don’t last very long? Is it possible to get a wooden gazebo at a pocket-friendly price? Well, we are glad you asked!

In this article, we are going to list 8 best garden wooden gazebo to help you find the best suitable option for you!

Wooden gazeboes are a better, more durable, sturdier, and more attractive option if compared to their pop-up gazebo competitors. These gazeboes will add a vintage and royal look to your garden.

Wooden gazebos are more likely to go with all kinds of decorations and themes. Whether you want to style it up with a classy victorian look or give it a modern-style minimalist decor, you will not be disappointed with the results.

Today, due to the sudden rise in the popularity of wooden gazebos, many companies have jumped in with various models. To choose the perfect gazebo from such a varied and wide range of products can become a tedious task.

Well, it is a good thing that we have got you all covered with our list of BEST GARDEN WOODEN GAZEBO.

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Top-Rated 8 Best Garden Wooden Gazebo UK 2020


 Wooden Heavy Duty Gazebo Pressure Treated Hot Tub Shelter With Roof Shingles Included And 10 Year Rot Guarantee Atlas™ W3.2m x D3.2m uk reviews

DUNTER HOUSE WOODEN GAZEBO is the Best Garden Wooden Gazebo UK. It is extremely suited to be used as a hot tub shelter. It has an aesthetic rustic wooden color and strong pillars.

Key Features

  • Fully pressure treated
  • Roof shingle kit included
  • External Width / Depth: 3.20m / 3.20m
  • Ridge Height: 3.04m
  • Internal Eaves Height: 2.26m
  • Timber: Spruce
  • Uprights: 145mm x 145mm
  • Roof: 19mm Tongue and Groove


  • Extra strong posts
  • Tall walkthrough height
  • Strong Roof
  • Heavy Duty Framework


  • Long DIY assemble time
  • High initial cost

This Dunster house gazebo for housing garden and patio furniture comes with a 10-year guarantee against rot. The package comes with all the fixings needed for the construction and a well-detailed manual. Its tall walkthrough height allows you to set up barbecues, hot tubs, and other instruments without any hassles.

Its high initial cost is reasonable as it is a heavy-duty gazebo that is extremely durable and reliable. It is definitely a good purchase.

2. LIVEOUTSIDE Waikiki Wooden Garden Canopy Gazebo

LIVEOUTSIDE Waikiki - Wooden Garden Canopy Gazebo with Canvas Roof, Best garden Wooden gazebo Dimensions- 3,34 m x 3,34 m uk reviews

Liveoutside Waikiki wooden gazebo is a Traditional English Style Inspired Gazebo. They also offer optional drink panels or shutter panels. It is a beautiful attraction for your free garden space!

Key Features

  • FSC approved
  • Pressure-treated Northern European Redwood
  • Water repellent canvas roof cover
  • Chamfered posts: 12 x 12 cm
  • Product Dimensions : 334 x 334 x 300 cm
  • Balustrade and wooden floor options


  • Modern design
  • Water repellant
  • Sturdy exterior


  • Comes uncolored

LIVEOUTSIDE Waikiki Wooden Garden Canopy Gazebo is the best garden wooden gazebo for small gardens in UK. It is a great way to add a resting place and shade in your garden. It is a durable, aesthetic, reliable, and strong wooden gazebo.

3. PARCEL IN THE ATTIC Wooden Gazebo

Parcel in the Attic Garden Outdoor Wooden Gazebo, BBQ shelter, Pavilion, Hot Tub, Pergola in Pressure Treated Solid Wood uk reviews

Parcel IN THE ATTIC is the Best Garden Wooden Gazebo Outdoor is a minimalist and aesthetic garden gazebo. It has panelled sides, an open entrance, an apex roof to offers great protection from rain and harsh sunshine.

Key Features

  • Roof Slats: 85mm x 16mm
  • Apex roof protection from light rain
  • Dimensions: 2.20m x 1.35m x 2.14m
  • Pressure-treated wood
  • FSC certified wood
  • Supplied flat-pack


  • Thick solid wood
  • Low initial cost
  • Detailed instruction manual


  • Takes a lot of time to assemble
  • Slightly smaller in size

PARCEL IN THE ATTIC Wooden Gazebo is a great option if you are planning to hold a lot of BBQ parties in your garden then this is the best DIY wooden gazebo kits for BBQ parties. It has the perfect shape and design for a BBQ shelter. It is a pocket friendly, small, and sturdy gazebo.

4. Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo Utopia 200

Dunster House Best Wooden Garden Gazebo Pressure Treated Shelter - Utopia 200 W2m x D2m uk reviews

Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo Utopia 200 is yet another gorgeous model by Dunster House. This is the Sturdy Best Wooden Gazebo Kits UK.

Key Features

  • External Width / Depth: 1.98m / 1.98m
  • Ridge Height: 2.40m
  • Timber: Spruce
  • Uprights: 70mm x 70mm
  • Roof Construction: Panels using 15mm Shiplap
  • Roof Covering: Shingles
  • Internal Eaves Height: 1.87m


  • Fully Pressure Treated
  • Extra Strong Posts
  • No Planning Permission Required
  • Tall Walkthrough Height


  • The instruction manual is poorly written

Rated as the best garden wood gazebo for outdoor entertaining, Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo Utopia 200 is made of strong timber wood. You can choose to have an open gazebo, add a side panel or two, as well as the option to add in glass panels to keep the light. You could even choose to create a patio area for your gazebo.


 checo home and garden GARDEN WOODEN GAZEBO, PAVILION, HOT TUB, OCTAGONAL DIAMETER 3.5 m uk reviews

CHECO HOME AND GARDEN GAZEBO is the Best Budget Wooden Gazebo comes in octagonal shape and victorian design. It can act as a great shelter from sunlight and rain.

Key Features

  • Includes 14 panels
  • Includes 2 struts
  • Includes 7 handrails
  • Includes Pressure treated timber
  • Permanent gazebo kit
  • Full wooden roof
  • Diameter: 3.5m


  • Attractive design
  • Durable
  • Sturdy


  • Lacks roof shingles

CHECO HOME AND GARDEN GAZEBO is the best garden wooden gazebo for hot tub in the market. It has strong pillars and a sturdy foundation. It is made with high-quality timber and hence it will be a very long-lasting investment.

It allows you to have breakfast and dinner in your garden even in summers. It is also suitable for hot tubs and barbecues.

6. WALTONS EST. 1878

 WALTONS EST. 1878 Wooden Garden Summerhouse 10x10 Outdoor Garden Room Building, Sunroom, Studio, Office uk reviews

WALTONS EST. 1878 is a Modern Gazebo/Summer House. It will definitely add a beautiful attraction to the empty space in your garden. It can also act as a studio or sunroom!

Key Features

  • FSC Certified Timber
  • 8mm Solid Sheet Roof
  • Roof & Floor Material: 12mm Tongue and Groove
  • Roof Type: Pent
  • Door Style: Double Doo
  • Imperial Size (ft): 10 x 10
  • Framing: 2 x 1


  • Big enough room
  • Stands out from the crowd
  • Easy to maintain


  • High initial cost
  • No installation service

WALTONS EST. 1878 is a modern wooden gazebo for a relaxing garden retreat to enjoy the warmer months. The roof and floor of the building are also made of this interlocking timber to give you a solid and sturdy summerhouse.

It comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee. It is one of the best wooden garden gazebo in UK market!

7. CHECO LTD Pavillion Gazebo

 3m x 3m (Ex 3.5m x 3.5m) GARDEN WOODEN PAVILION GAZEBO PERGOLA HOT TUB uk reviews

Checo LTD Pavillion Gazebo is a Durable Best Garden Wooden Gazebo UK. It will add a beautiful effortless look to your garden. Be it s wedding or a small get together this gazebo will never disappoint you!

Key Features

  • Wooden gazebo: 10 x 10m
  • Pressure-treated
  • FSC certified timber
  • Includes 12 posts of 90mm x 90mm
  • Includes 8 trellis
  • Includes 8 wooden struts
  • Wooden rafters


  • Suitable for any size of garden
  • Full wooden roof
  • Good value for money


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Lacks shingles

CHECO LTD Pavillion Gazebo is a majestic wooden gazebo for quality family time. It is very versatile as well. It can be used as a shelter for hot tubs, BBQs, dinner dates, family games, etc. The full wooden roof adds a vintage touch to the overall look of your garden.

CHECO is producing one of the best garden wooden gazeboes in today’s market. Its brand value makes this product a reliable purchase. If you are looking for a minimalist, high quality, and space-efficient gazebo, it can be the perfect choice for you!

8. Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo Utopia 300

 Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo Heavy Duty Hot Tob Shelter - Utopia 300 W3m x D3m uk reviews

Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo Utopia 300 is yet another great model from Dunster House. If you are looking to add some form of shelter, then this Versatile Wooden Gazebo can make an attractive addition to your garden!

Key Features

  • External Width / Depth: 3m / 3m
  • Ridge Height: 2.48m (8′ 1″)
  • Timber: Spruce
  • Fully Pressure Treated
  • Uprights: 70mm x 70mm
  • Roof Construction: Panels using 15mm Shiplap
  • Roof Covering: Shingles
  • No Glued together Offcuts


  • Extra Strong Posts
  • Tall Walkthrough Height
  • No Planning Permission Required


  • Takes too long to assemble
  • Heavy in weight

Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo Utopia 300 has a bold square shape and a sturdy timber frame provides ideal cover for your expensive outdoor furniture or even a Spa or Hot Tub.

It’s made from pressure treated timber, which gives it protection against rot and insect infestation. It comes with roof shingles. All the fixings needed for the Construction are added in the package as well. I

It is definitely a durable, reliable garden wooden gazebo for an outdoor party and dining area. Its sleek design and strong roof will give you protection from heat and rain. Dunster House even gives a 10-year guarantee on timber!

Bottom Line

We have finally reached the end of our list of BEST GARDEN WOODEN GAZEBO.

We have independently reviewed each and every product after conducting extensive and thorough research. We have also Consulted various feedbacks and reviews to provide you with only the best products from the market,

You don’t have to worry about surfing through more eCommerce websites to find the perfect garden wooden gazebo for yourself. For your further convenience, we have mentioned the key features, Pros, and Cons of each product accompanied by our honest reviews.

Don’t think twice! With a thorough read of this list, you are all set to pick the best garden wooden gazebo for yourself!